Keep a spare ThinkPad 230W AC Adapter to hand to ensure your ThinkPad has a consistent flow of power. Keep one in the office, one at home and another in your carrying case for immediate, convenient access to power. This ThinkPad AC adapter is perfect for use as a spare or replacement adapter for compatible laptops. It is compatible with all Lenovo laptops with the rectangular “slim-tip” common power plug. It is not compatible with legacy notebook systems with the round, barrel-type power plug. ThinkPad AC adapters are compact so you can easily keep a spare tucked into your carrying case at all times.



Warranty : 1 year


Brand : Lenovo

Model: GX20L29339


Height : 25 mm

Width : 98 mm

Depth : 198mm


Weight : 0.78Kg


Min Operating Humidity : 8%

Max Operating Humidity : 80%

Min Operating Temperature : 5C

Max Operating Temperature : 40C


  • Connector : as at picture
  • Input Power : 100-240 V ~ 2.5A 50-60 HZ



  • 20V/2.25A


-Fit for-

Legion5 17IMH05 -#81Y8, #82B3 

Legion7 15IMH05 - #81Y6, #81YU, #81YT

Legion Y540-17IRH - #81T3, #81Q4 

Legion Y7000 - #81NS, #81T0 

Legion Y540-15IRH - #81SY, #81SX

Legion Y545 - #81Q6, #81T2 

Legion Y740-15IRH - #81UF, #81YH

Legion Y740-17IRH - #81UG

Legion Y740-17IRHg - #81UJ

Legion Y740-15ICHg - #81HE

Legion Y740-17ICHg - #81HH

Y920-17IKB - #80YW,80YX

Y910-17ISK - #80V1 

Y900-17ISK - #80Q1

Lenovo - ThinkPad 230W AC Adapter Slim Tip - AC 230 W

499.00 ₪Price
Max Watt
Compatible with