1. Brand: HP
2. Model: GK1100
3. Item: Backlight keyboard+Backlight mouse set

Keyboard specification:
1. Keys amount: 104keys
2. Connection: USB wired
3. Anti-ghost key: 26keys anti-ghosting

4. Key Route: 2.0mm

5. Key Force: 50g±5g

6. Backlight: Colorful

7. Key life: Up to 10 million clicks

8. Rated voltage/current: DC 5V/100mA

9. Dimension: 463.7(L)*192.2(W)*30.9H) mm±0.5mm

10. Cable Length: 1.8M (rubber cable)

11. Weight: 815g±5g (include cable)


Gaming Mouse:

1. Connection Type: USB wired

2. Tracking Method:  Infrared optical

3. DPI(Min/Max): 1000-1600           

4. Sensor:  Sunplus 168A

5. Number of Buttons:  4  

6. Button press route: 0.7mm
7. Button press life: Up to 5 milion clicks

8. Rated voltage/current: DC 5V/100mA

9. Dimension: 124.2(L)*.2(W)*39.5H) mm±0.15mm

10. Cable Length: 1.5M (rubber cable)

11. Weight: 141.9±5g

1. User-friendly design with a set of back-light control function keys, gaming function keys and multimedia keys cooperated with FN key.

2. Full-size, membrane keyboard provides increased productivity and accuracy.

3. 4 keyboard indicator lights glow blue & illuminate your path to protivity.

4. Control your game: Adjust your DPI setting (1,000 and 1,600 DPI) for more precise targeting, increased maneuverability or maximum speed.

5. Optimum performance: High-end optical engine adds precise positioning to your gamer.

HP - Gaming Keyboard and Mouse GK1100 (HEB)

159.00 ₪Price
Wired or Wireless