NOTE: Pictures are a reference to a keyboard model, actual product has the selected product key languages.

ОБРАТИТЕ ВНИМАНИЕ: Несмотря на язык клавиатур на картинках, сами клавиатуры с языками, которые указаны. В данном случае, Русский, Иврит и Английский.



  • Minimalist Design With Style - Eliminating all redundant areas to present a refined, minimalist visual effect.
  • Unique function keys definition per App - activated by smart engine when app runs. Let your App have its own customized feature key set.
  • Similar price as regular keyboard, but with more innovative features.

Genius - Smart KM-8200 (RUS)

95.00 ₪ Regular Price
75.00 ₪Sale Price
Wired or Wireless