NOTE: Pictures are a reference to a keyboard model, actual product has the selected product key languages.

ОБРАТИТЕ ВНИМАНИЕ: Несмотря на язык клавиатур на картинках, сами клавиатуры с языками, которые указаны. В данном случае, Русский, Иврит и Английский.


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  • It’s RICH: The more applications you use, the more function keys it delivers. So basically you get a keyboard with more keys than you bought!
  • It’s PERSONAL: There are 12 unique function keys that can be customized and personalized for EACH application.
  • It’s FAST: you can customized each function key to carry out multiple tasks in sequence with a single keystroke.
  • It’s SMART: When you switch applications, those application specific function keys will automatically be mapped & activated.
  • It’s SIMPLE: There is a graphical tool to help you setup the mapping, and a virtual display panel to assist you in case you forget which key is mapped to what!

Genius - SlimStar 8006 (RUS)

85.00 ₪Price
Wired or Wireless