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Size Does Matter : 

The most advanced compact case of the market is here. COUGAR QBX comes here to conquer the world with three big weapons within its compact body: Its dimensions, its expansion potential and its unrivalled cooling.


Compact : 

QBX's 178 x 291 x 384 mm/7.01 x 11.46 x 15.12 (in) make it a highly compact case.
Gamers no longer need enormous desks with lots of space to install high-end gaming components
in order to enjoy new generation games.



Warranty : 1 year


Brand : Cougar

Model Name : QBX

-Case Specification-
Dimensions :
178 x 291 x 384 (mm) / 7.01 x 11.46 x 15.12 (in)
Form Factor : Mini-ITX Case
Mainboard Support : Mini ITX
I/O Panel : 2 x USB3.0/HD audio

Transparent Side Panel : None

-Expansion & Drive Bays-

5.25" Drive Bay : 0

3.5" Drive Bay : 1

2.5" Drive Bay : 4

Optical Disk Drive (ODD) Type : Supports ONLY Slot Loading Slim ODD

Expansion Slots (For example for Graphics Cards) : 2

-Cooling Fan Support-
Front :
1 x 80mm Fan 

Top : 2 x 120mm Fan 
Rear : 90mm x 1 (Pre-installed)

Bottom : 120mm x 2

Left Side : 

  • 120mm fan x 1
  • 240mm radiator with a single 120mm fan
  • 120mm radiator with a 120mm fan


-Water Cooling Support-

Left Side : 240mm radiator with a single 120mm fan
Left Side : 120mm radiator with a 120mm fan


Fan Filter (Cleanable) : 

1 x Bottom Filter (pre-installed and removable)
1 x Front Filter (included, installed by the user)


Cable Management System : Cable feedthrough on the motherboard tray for easy routing and hiding of cables.


Max. Graphics Card Length : 350mm (Support for High-End Graphics Cards)(Horizontal graphics card slots are compatiblewith RTX 3080/3070.)


Max. CPU Cooler Height : 105mm

PSU : PS2 ATX Type

Max. PSU length : 140 mm / 5.5 (in)

Compatible PSU : supports the following COUGAR PSU series:A Series and STX Series.


Important : 

QBX's ultra-compact format requires a Power Supply Unit that conforms to certain format standards. Please pay attention to the power supply unit's AC socket and its plug's orientation and confirm it corresponds to one of the formats defined in the pictures below.


Attention : 

The packaging contains a small box with the accessories for installation, please do not throw it away! Supports only Slot Loading Slim ODD.

Cougar - QBX - Ultra Compact Mini-ITX Case

249.00 ₪Price
Color: Black
LED Color: None