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What's in the package:

ARGB Case Fan 140mm x 2

Control Hub x 1



Package included: Individually adressable RGB Case Fan 140mm x 2, Control Hub x1

Convex designed dual addressable RGB ring offered best lighting effect: convex design kept RGB lighting effect at a optimal point and left tolerance for other RGB components such as, mobo / ram / gpu, water cooling components, and SSD plate;

16.8 Million Colors & 18 Independent Controlled LEDs: With dual ring, total 18 separately controlled RGB LEDs smoothed out the overall RGB effect and allowed no gaps between LEDs;

Synchronizable RGB lighting via motherboard: Sync ready with all mobo houses including Gigabytes, Asus and MSI; Prizm only supports 3 pin RGB header.

Extreme Cooling Performance - 65.03 CFM & 1.64 mm: PWM Fan optimized heat dissipation and hydraulic bearing ensured ultra quiet operation;



Model Name : Prizm 140 ARGB 2+C

Fan Type :  PWM Fan

Dimensions (mm) : 140*140*25 mm

Bearing Type : Hydraulic

LED Type : Addressable RGB 

Fan Speed (RPM) : 1700 max.

Airflow (CFM) : 65.03 max.

Air Pressure (mmH2O) : 1.64 max.

Fan Noise Level (dBA) : 32 max.

Lifespan : 40000 hours

Connector : Fan: 4 pin ; ARGB: 3 pin

Rated Voltage : FAN: DC12V ; LED: DC5V

Operating Voltage : FAN: DC6.0-13.8V; LED: DC4.5-5.3V

Rated Current (A) : FAN: 0.18A±20% ; LED: 0.80A±20%


Fan Control Box : 

ARGB port x 5, PWM fan port x 5, 

SATA, Mode, External LED CTRL, 

M/B Sync, LED Speed

Antec - Prizm 140 ARGB (2+C Pack)

199.00 ₪Price
LED Color: aRGB